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Our Siding Contractors Near Me in Des Plaines, IL – Make the Choice for Siding Easy With the Trusted Name for Siding Installation

At Buzz Home Pros Siding Contractors, we are specialists at providing home protection through siding installation near me in Des Plaines. Your home will not only be prepared to withstand the harsh weather through any season but it will look great doing it too.
Our siding contractors in Des Plaines are experienced and knowledgeable about all forms of siding material. So we can guide you to the perfect siding for your home based on structure and your tastes.

With the high standards we have in place as your siding company in Des Plaines, we use only the best quality materials installed by licensed and insured contractors, so your satisfaction is guaranteed. We are experts with James Hardie Board siding in Des Plaines that will keep your home in top shape for years to come.

Call Buzz Home Pros Siding Contractors near me in Des Plaines today and find out how we can give your home the perfect siding installation.

Buzz Home Pros Siding Contractors Services In Des Plaines, IL & Surrounding Areas

James Hardie Siding Installation
Des Plaines, IL & Surrounding Areas

The leading name in the siding industry is James Hardie Siding and Buzz Home Pros Siding Contractors in Des Plaines has it for you. We specialize in Hardie Board Siding in Des Plaines to beautify your home while ensuring it has all the protection needed again water and weather.

Vinyl Siding Installation In Des Plaines & Surrounding Areas

Buzz Home Pros Siding Contractors near me in Des Plaines are the top professional experts for all your vinyl siding installation in Des Plaines and around the region. Our superior siding contractors can help give you the great siding you have always wanted for your home. We are the ultimate choice for siding contractors in Des Plaines and the surrounding region.

LP Smartside Siding Installation In Des Plaines & Surrounding Areas

Buzz Home Pros Siding Contractors in Des Plaines has been providing incredible quality services for so many years! We are the experts in LP SmartSide Siding Installation in Des Plaines and the rest of the region. Our professionals are sure to give your home great curb appeal with siding that will last for years. You can trust Buzz Home Pros Siding Contractors in Des Plaines for your siding.

Aluminum Siding Installation In Des Plaines & Surrounding Areas

When you need truly reliable siding services, Buzz Home Pros Siding Contractors in Des Plaines is the right solution. We are the number one choice for aluminum siding installation near me in Des Plaines and all the surrounding areas. We use top-quality siding materials to bring you the most amazing results every time.

Advantages of Vinyl Siding Installation in Des Plaines, IL

Your exterior siding protects your interior and exterior of your home against elements. A lot of homeowners in Des Plaines find siding options overwhelming, but one of the common choices is vinyl siding because of its many advantages. Aside from providing long-lasting protection and being attractive is affordable. Our vinyl siding installation in Des Plaines has plenty of vinyl siding options that are more affordable than other sidings like wood or brick.

This siding can also withstand high temperatures, high winds, hail, and other extreme climates. Some of the best things about vinyl are it doesn’t rust, warp, or corrode, and it detects against termites. Also, unlike wood, it is moisture resistant, and it will not split or rod. Using a water hose, brush, and a cleaning solution, you can maintain the cleanliness of your siding. Our siding contractors recommend this siding because it works like a blanket of protection over the studs to help your home stay green and save you energy costs all year round. If you are considering a siding replacement to have a new look for your home exterior, vinyl siding is a good option because it is available in a variety of colors and textures to choose from.

Buzz Siding Contractors in Des Plaines can provide you a quick and easy siding installation. Call us today to learn more about how vinyl siding installation can benefit you and your home.

Why Buzz Home Pros Siding Contractors
in Des Plaines, IL is the Right Choice

Free Estimates

Before we do the work, you will have all the details you need with a free estimate that is clear and accurate. There is no guesswork with this siding company in Des Plaines.

Top Quality Materials

When it comes to siding replacement in Des Plaines, only the best can hold up to the punishment of the weather. That’s why we use only top-quality siding materials for every project.

Projects Completed on Time

When we promise to have your siding installation in Des Plaines completed by a certain date, we follow through. We work to complete every siding replacement on time, as expected.

Years of Experience

Experience matters when dealing with siding companies in Des Plaines and Buzz Home Pros Siding Contractors has many years of bringing top-quality siding installation to the community. You can expect expert siding contractors near me in Des Plaines.

Highest Standard of Service

Because we care about how you view your experience with us, each one of our siding contractors in Des Plaines provides individualized customer service. We understand that the customer is the most important part of our business.

All about our siding contractors in Des Plaines, IL

siding contractors des plaines il

With Buzz Home Pros, you get top-quality siding materials installed by experienced siding contractors in Des Plaines. We bring you the best in siding installation as the leader of siding companies in Des Plaines. That’s because we are built to perform professionally, with the greatest attention to detail and service quality. Let us transform your home with the finest siding that’s made to last. We specialize in roofing, siding, and windows, as our siding contractors in Des Plaines take pride in achieving 100 percent customer satisfaction.

FAQ – Siding Installation & Siding Replacement Des Plaines, IL

Do I need to do anything to maintain my new vinyl siding on my Des Plaines home?

To ensure siding is always looking its absolute best, spraying it down with a high-pressure hose is an easy way to provide upkeep. This will remove mold, mildew, dirt and anything else that muddles the texture of the surface.

Is the vinyl siding on my Des Plaines home weather resistant?

Vinyl siding installation adds a protective shield to your home, cutting your energy costs, while providing an attractive exterior look

Is the siding on my Des Plaines home energy efficient?

Siding is a natural insulator, keeping heat and cold from penetrating your home, while providing a natural barrier against icy winds.

Will my siding on my Des Plaines home buckle or crack over time?

With new innovations, the siding of today is engineered to last longer while still providing all the benefits.

How do I pick the best siding for siding installation at my Des Plaines home?

The factors include first and foremost your budget; the look of the siding is important, but budget is definitely a big one.

Do I need to prep my home before siding installation in Des Plaines?

Nope. Our siding contractors definitely say siding goes up easily on most surfaces.

Things To Consider When Replacing Siding Des Plaines, IL

When purchasing a new siding, the first thing you should do is have your home siding in Des Plaines thoroughly inspected. Professional siding contractors in your area would know when your siding needs either a simple siding repair or a complete siding replacement.

The next thing to decide on is the color of your siding. Take a look at your neighborhood and see if there exists a dominant color of sidings among the houses. You may also consult your homeowner’s association to make sure you are not going against any rules. It would also help to visualize your new siding next to your doors and window frames. This would help you decide on the best colors for the siding installation.

Finally, consider the material of the siding with the color you have in mind. For instance, wood siding in Des Plaines can be repainted over and over again, giving you the option to change the color in the future. James Hardie siding retains paint well for a long time while vinyl siding doesn’t require repainting until about 20 years later. For assistance with James Hardie siding repair, vinyl siding installation near me in Des Plaines, or other siding concerns, contact us today!


Siding installation is one of the best home remodeling projects you can do to protect your home and increase its value. But finding the right siding contractor can be challenging. When you work with BUZZ Siding Contractors Des Plaines, you’ll be working with professional siding contractors that will put your needs and budget. Whether you need vinyl siding installation or James Hardie siding installation, you can count on our complete home exterior services to provide total satisfaction and the best service possible. For many years, we have been serving in the siding industry, and it is our goal to ensure that you are happy and satisfied.

Learn More
To learn more about our siding installation services in Des Plaines, call BUZZ Siding Contractors. We take pride in every siding installation and siding replacement project. No matter how big or extensive your project is, we guarantee your satisfaction and offer convenient financing. We look forward to working with you and your family.

Tips For Choosing The Right Siding Company Des Plaines, IL

Do the Siding Contractors in Des Plaines Have Insurance?

Checking if the siding contractors in Des Plaines have insurance will give you peace of mind. They should have comprehensive general liability coverage along with worker’s compensation insurance.

How Long Have They Been in Siding Business?

The longer the company has been in the siding industry, the more knowledge and skills they have to offer. They also have a steady business backed by experienced and qualified contractors.

Do They Have or Provide Referrals?

You wouldn’t want to hire an employee without references; the same thing goes with a siding company in Des Plaines. Get a list of ten names from them and numbers, along with photos of their previous projects.

What Type of Siding Are They Experienced With?

Now, there are times you can find a siding contractor in Des Plaines that checks off all the right boxes, but they’re still a bad choice for you to consider. Ensure to take time and explore their specialties when it comes to doing the job.

Things to Know Before You Invest in New Siding Installation Des Plaines, IL

Efficiency: Maintaining a comfortable temperature in a home throughout the year can be costly. Heating and cooling appliances draw more energy than most other items in your home combined. Without the proper effective siding in Des Plaines, you could be throwing money out the window. 

Maintenance: While no siding lasts forever, how long it does last depends largely on the type of siding installation you choose and how well you maintain it. Wood siding offers a traditional beauty that appeals to many, but it does need frequent refinishing to look its best and perform effectively. However, there is now a wide range of options available that look great and are low-maintenance, like James Hardie siding in Des Plaines.  

Aesthetics: Although you may go with a new siding replacement near me in Des Plaines for practical reasons, there is no reason you can’t enjoy the benefits of beautiful siding too.   

Resale Value: When it’s time for home improvements, homeowners tend to take on projects with some trepidation. This is why potential buyers may walk away from a home that requires too much work, and that includes the siding in Des Plaines. So before you sell, consider the boost in property value you would get from a new vinyl siding installation in Des Plaines.

The Best Time of Year for a Siding Installation Des Plaines, IL

From room redecoration to renovation, most homeowners spend significant investment on improving their home’s interior. How about the exterior? Does your home need a new vinyl siding in Des Plaines? If yes, when should you get an expert siding installation?

A new siding acts as a durable layer of protection for your home, an advantage you should look forward to aside from having a new look and increased value. An old siding looks unpleasant, and it no longer has the ability to protect your home. Meanwhile, engineered siding such as James Hardie siding provides multiple times stronger protection than its older counterparts.

If your home screams for a new vinyl siding installation, consider the best time to ask the help of a reliable siding contractor in Des Plaines.

The busiest season is spring and autumn at Buzz Siding Contractors in Des Plaines, so make sure to book a schedule in advance. Summer, on the other hand, is the ideal season for siding installation.

Check What Our Clients Say About Buzz Siding Contractors McHenry, IL


For a siding contractor in the Des Plaines area that the people know and trust, look no further than Buzz Siding Contractors. For years we have been providing the pinnacle of quality and professionalism in siding installation and replacement, and have become the premier siding company citizens call when they want the best for a reasonable price. We want your home to be well protected throughout the year and only use the highest quality materials, including James Hardie siding. It is with this eye on the important details that we are a top-rated siding company in Des Plaines. Customer satisfaction is always a top priority. At Buzz, it is a promise that you will have the best service and that we won’t be happy that the job is done until you are. Just check our ratings and reviews and see for yourself.