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At Buzz Home Pros Siding Contractors we are experts to provide professional home protection through siding installation
in Mount Prospect.
Our siding contractors near me in Mount Prospect have an incredible amount of experience with all kinds of siding
materials. We can help find you the perfect siding for your home that also matches your style.
We have such high standards, so we use only the best quality materials available. We are also licensed and insured
professional siding contractors, so customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Our experts work with James Hardie Board siding
in Mount Prospect, the most recognized name in siding, so we’ll make sure your home looks great while protecting against
water and weather for years.
Call us at Buzz Home Pros Siding Contractors in Mount Prospect today. We will gladly help you choose the right home
siding backed by our experience and give you the siding installation you need.

The Best Services Offered by Buzz Home Pros Siding Contractors in Mount Prospect, IL & Surrounding Areas

James Hardie Siding Installation
Mount Prospect, IL & Surrounding Areas

James Hardie Siding is the most recognized name for siding in the country. Buzz Home Pros Siding Contractors in Mount Prospect is your best way to the greatest siding. We carry a wide selection of Hardie Board Siding in Mount Prospect, making it easy for you to have a beautiful and well-protected home from water leaks.


Buzz Home Pros Siding Contractors offers vinyl siding Installation near me in Mount Prospect and surrounding area. We are the experts in Installing a vinyl sidings. Vinyl has an impact on the durability and safety of your home. The professional siding installers at Mt. Prospect can help you decide which type of vinyl siding is best for your home. You are welcome to contact us to schedule a consultation to learn more


Buzz Home Pros Siding Contractors has years of experience and expert training when it comes to installing LP SMARTSIDE SIDINGS. This type of siding helps protect against termite damage and fungal decay. We only use high quality materials to ensure you are receiving the best quality siding and siding insulation board to increase your insulation quality and the return on your investment. Contact us now for a new siding in Mount Prospect and surrounding areas.


Aluminum siding is very lightweight, and accepts paint application of paint well and can be painted with your desired color. That is why; it is also a good option to consider in choosing material for your siding. If you are located in Mount Prospect and surrounding areas, Buzz Home Pros Siding Contractors offers Aluminum siding installation. Contact us for more details


If you have gotten the itch to remodel the exterior of your home, vinyl siding is the way to go. The simple addition of durable, protective siding on your Mount Prospect home will both increase your home’s value, as well as give it a different type of curb appeal. Maybe you are planning on making some other modifications, or maybe you just want to make a change, but whatever your pleasure, siding installation in Mount Prospect is a great way to do it for many reasons.

Unlike other building materials, vinyl siding is low maintenance, and often can be power washed for easy cleaning, as well as not costing you for cracking or crumbling through the years. Because of the material, you will never have to repaint your home. It resists pests. It lasts for a very long time without any standard upkeep. And it further insulates your home, saving on heating and cooling costs.

If this has persuaded you, our siding company in Mount Prospect is ready to help you with siding your home, Buzz Siding Contractors will do a great job, provide top-notch siding for your home, and can even do it in a color and texture of your choice.

What Makes Buzz Home Pros Siding Contractors in Mount Prospect, IL the Right Choice for Your Home Siding?

Free Estimates

With our free estimates, you will clearly see every detail about the job outlined for you before we do any of the work. There are no surprises from your siding company in Mount Prospect.

Top Quality Materials

There is only one way to get top-quality siding replacement in Mount Prospect, and that’s to use top quality materials. You’ll have siding that lasts, with only the finest quality siding materials to protect your home.

Projects Completed on Time

When we promise your siding installation in Mount Prospect will be completed by the agreed-upon time, it’s a fact. Our siding contractors near me in Mount Prospect work to complete every siding installation swiftly and with care.

Years of Experience

When dealing with siding companies in Mount Prospect, experience is important. Buzz Home Pros Siding Contractors has the experience you’re looking for in quality home siding installation throughout the local community.

Highest Standard of Service

With us, the customer is the most important priority, so all our siding contractors near me in Mount Prospect provide personal care to every customer. At Buzz Home Pros Siding Contractors, our customers shape our business.


siding contractors Mount Prospect il

Siding installation is a significant investment in your home. That’s why choosing the proper siding company is essential. We know there are plenty of siding companies to choose from. For this reason, Buzz Siding Contractors in Mount Prospect make it a point to offer you a level of service which others cannot.

For siding replacement and siding installation, you can rest assured that we use the highest quality siding materials. Our vinyl siding installation or James Hardie siding installation will last for many years. Our siding contractors in Mount Prospect are all trained and experienced to handle any siding projects. Contact us today so we can transform your home with the most beautiful siding.

Frequently Asked Questions – Ask Our Siding Contractors Mount Prospect, IL

What are the necessary vinyl sidings aftercare?

Wash your vinyl sidings periodically to remove grime, dirt, mold, mildew, and chalky residues that accumulate on its surface.

How durable are vinyl sidings?

Vinyl siding warranties range from 20 to 40. They are heat, moisture, and cold-resistant, perfect for heavy-duty use. They can also withstand a maximum wind of 110mph.

How energy efficient are vinyl sidings?

New insulated siding can add another R2 to R4 to your home and you will no longer have to worry about all those drafts coming through your existing walls. For vinyl siding installation, give us a call at Buzz Siding Contractors in Mount Prospect.

Do sidings crack, fade, buckle, or sag easily?

Problems like cracking, fading, buckling, and sagging were common in the 1950s. As new techniques were discovered, these improved the performance of sidings, making them more reliable for heavy-duty residential use.

What is the best siding for my home?

To choose the best home siding, consider your home’s architecture, area restrictions, and budget. For any assistance, don’t hesitate to call us at Buzz Siding Contractors.

Do siding installations in Mount Prospect require preparation prior?

No need to paint or prepare before the siding installation.


Finding the right siding contractor Mount Prospect can be challenging. So we make it a point to hire the best siding contractors we could find in providing the home siding service you will need. Our specialists deliver all the work needed and never cut corners. We provide honest and reliable work by disclosing all vital information you must know. Whether it is a vinyl siding installation or siding replacement you need, you can approach our contractors with confidence and have the assurance of excellent guaranteed results ahead. Get in touch with us today for your timely siding installation Mount Prospect!

Learn More
Our siding services in Mount Prospect are for everyone. Enjoy high-quality results at practical costs. Have every single one of your siding questions answered and clarified. Reach out to us to know if you are qualified for financing. Learn more information by calling us at BUZZ Siding Contractors.

What To Consider Before Siding Replacement Mount Prospect, IL

Here are some things to consider before hiring local contractors for new siding installation or a siding replacement.

When you have established the need for new siding, you need to carefully inspect each existing siding for signs of warping. This determines the need for a fresh siding replacement in Mount Prospect. When you have decided on purchasing new siding, you should closely consider the material, as well as the color that will go with it.

There are different types of siding you can choose from like James Hardie siding, vinyl siding, and standard siding. Take a look around you and notice the common siding type used in your neighborhood. If the rest of the houses consistently use one siding type, then you should consider getting this too for uniformity and maintain the value of your residential property.

When it comes to color, you need to understand the effect of the paint job on the material. For example, wood siding eventually needs a repaint in the future. By then, you can change the siding color according to your next preference. If you are unsure, consult us at Buzz Siding Contractors. We are happy to be of service.

How To Choose The Right Siding Contractors Mount Prospect, IL

Do They Have Insurance?

Professional siding contractors can provide good coverage of protection for you and your home. As one of the most trusted siding companies in Mount Prospect, Buzz Siding Contractors is dedicated to providing you peace of mind.

How Long Have They Been in Siding Business?

This gives you an idea if the siding company in Mount Prospect is just getting started or has a lot of experience in siding installation or siding replacement.

Do They Have or Provide Referrals?

Getting references from their past customers from the previous months will allow you to check their work quality. Ask for several customers and inquire about their experiences working with the siding contractors in Mount Prospect.

What Type of Siding Are They Experienced With?

Check the capabilities of your siding contractor. Some siding contractors can work with most siding, but some cannot. Make sure that you are hiring the right people for your siding installation project.

Things To Know Before New Siding Installation Mount Prospect, IL

Efficiency: When it comes to siding maintaining the ideal temperature of your home, having an efficient method is recommended because HVACs consume energy and hike up costs. Having an efficient siding in Mount Prospect will help maintain the ideal temperature naturally minus the heavy costs.

Maintenance: Longevity of siding is highly dependent on the type of materials. Wood siding being the go-to for traditional aesthetics is usually the ones that need refinishing after a certain time period. Although in these modern days, there are so many materials to choose from that are more low maintenance.

Aesthetics: Siding applications are very functional components of a house, but you also can delve into many customizable options for your siding regarding the aesthetics of its visual elements. If you need a siding replacement or Hardie siding installation in Mount Prospect, you know to call us.

Resale Value: Home resale value is greatly improved if it comes with new siding installation, because potential buyers will likely develop visual comfort and trust and be interested to see the house. Whereas in many cases, houses with worn out sidings in Mount Prospect tend to demotivate buyers to look further into the house thus decreasing its resale value.

Choose the Color for Your Siding Installation Mount Prospect, IL According to the Climate

Selecting the color of your siding during your siding installation near me in Mount Prospect is essential. It can be a natural way to help keep your home cooler and more comfortable throughout the year. A great example is when you have a darker roof paired with a darker siding, your house could be absorbing 70 to 90% of the radiant energy from the sun. In most cases, the house’s exterior wall is lighter while the roof is dark, which can reduce the amount of energy savings possible.

The best way to maintain interior temperature is by preventing hot or cold air from entering the home in the first place. Southern homes usually have lighter colors due to the heat and sun, while Northern homes stick to more neutral siding colors. Buzz Siding Contractors is the siding company in Mount Prospect that will help you choose the perfect color of siding for your home!

Advantages of Hardie Board Siding Mount Prospect, IL

Appearance: The Hardie siding competes with materials such as Masonite and vinyl in terms of appearance. As a result, while it is more durable, it also has a more premium appearance. The thick planks help to create a more realistic wood effect. The grooves and grains in the planks are deeper than those in vinyl, giving the boards a more lifelike touch.

ColorPlus: The benefit of James Hardie ColorPlus Technology is that it adds to the appearance. This baked-on paint hue was created to prevent fading caused by UV rays from the sun. It also has many coats sprayed in a factory setting to ensure that the paint is consistent and long-lasting.

Options: Hardie Board has a vast range of options and versatility for homeowners, in addition to its pleasing design. There are hundreds of siding color and style choices available with James Hardie fiber cement for Mount Prospect residents.

Warranty: James Hardie installation in Mount Prospect offers industry-leading warranties to back up its exceptional fiber cement siding. A 30-year non-prorated limited warranty covers the siding.

What People Say About Buzz Siding Contractors Mount Prospect, IL

Buzz Siding Contractors Mount Prospect, IL – Review Us

When it comes to your siding installation or siding replacement in Mount Prospect, Buzz Siding Contractors is the one that has got you covered. We have been providing siding services for many years, and have been continually giving fantastic results to our customers. Our siding company handpicks the highest quality of materials so that we go beyond our customer’s expectations in every project that we accept. With our siding contractors, you can rest assured that we provide the highest quality of work at an affordable price that will not break the bank. Due to these reasons, we are one of the siding companies in Mount Prospect that are rated with top ratings. We always ensure that our customers come first and always strive to go beyond their expectations. Check out the ratings that some of our customers have provided throughout the years!


After getting a detailed quote for your siding from the leading reliable siding company in Mount Prospect, Buzz Siding Contractors, you’re ready to prepare for your siding installation. Understanding what needs to happen will provide a high-quality finish.

Removing Old Siding: While removing the old siding from your home, your siding contractors in Mount Prospect will examine the surface beneath, checking for signs of water damage.

Wall Preparation: A solid and stable siding installation on your Mount Prospect home will rely on a structurally sound wall surface beneath. This is the time when necessary repairs are made for a proper install.

Insulation Installation: The area must be properly insulated before your new siding is put in place.

New Siding Installation: It’s time for your new siding installation in Mount Prospect. If painting is necessary, all the siding must first be installed and the painting process can take several days.