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We at Buzz Home Pros Siding Contractors have been providing top of the line siding installation in Northbrook for years. Our services can make your home ready to withstand the harshest weather conditions of any season and make it look amazing.
With the years behind us, our siding contractors in Northbrook acquired the knowledge needed to make every project successful. They will also walk you through a wide selection of high-grade materials that can make your home stunning and incredibly functional.
We set a high standard to keep us the best siding company in Northbrook and we make sure that the materials we involve are high-quality. Our drive is to ensure your satisfaction through our expert service. We specialize with James Hardie Board Siding that can make your home perfect even after many years.
Contact Buzz Home Pros Siding Contractors near me in Northbrook now to experience our top-quality siding replacement and installation services.

Buzz Home Pros Siding Contractors Services In Northbrook, IL & Surrounding Areas

James Hardie Siding Installation
Northbrook, IL & Surrounding Areas

Buzz Home Pros Siding Contractors is among the leading siding companies in Northbrook that provides James Hardie Siding. We are your expert contractors who specialize in Hardie Board Siding that can enhance the beauty and fortifies the protection of your home against harsh weather conditions.

Vinyl Siding Installation In Northbrook & Surrounding Areas

Keep in mind that the outside of your home is the first thing that people see when they come to visit. That is why it is a good idea to invest in siding. New siding will strengthen the building and reduce the serious damage that can occur from weather exposure. It supports the overall structure of the home. Buzz Home Pros Siding contractors offers Vinyl siding installation. Vinyl comes in a huge selection of colors and offers a wide selection of coordinating trims. Our siding installer in Northbrook will help you get that siding that you want.

LP Smartside Siding Installation In Northbrook & Surrounding Areas

LP SmartSide products are the smart choice for sidings. They’re free of knots so you don’t waste time sorting through flawed pieces and unlike traditional wood, LP SmartSide Trim & Siding products resist cupping and warping. That is why, BUZZ Home Pros Sidings specialize in LP Smartside installation in Northbrook and surrounding areas.

Aluminum Siding Installation In Northbrook & Surrounding Areas

Buzz Home Pros Siding Contractors offers Aluminum siding installation. We believe in providing our customers with the best siding installation in Northbrook and surrounding areas. We can assure you that our siding company only use high quality materials to provide excellent siding projects to our customers.


siding contractors

Buzz Home Pros Siding Contractors has top-quality siding that is handled by professional siding contractors near me in Northbrook. We bring you only the very best when it comes to siding installation in Northbrook as the leader of the siding companies in the area. Our confidence begins with experience. We know how to do the job with expertise and attention to detail. Let Buzz Home Pros Siding Contractors give your home’s exterior that attention with the best possible siding that’s made to last. We are the number 1 choice for roofing, siding, and windows, as we take pride in all our great work by our expert siding contractors in Northbrook.

Why Buzz Home Pros Siding Contractors in Northbrook, IL Is The Right Choice

Free Estimates

We provide free, accurate estimates before starting every project, making us the most trusted siding company in Northbrook. Your trust is important to us.

Best Quality Materials

If you need experts for siding replacement in Northbrook, we provide the most affordable services using the highest quality materials available. The materials we use can withstand the harsh weather conditions and can last for a long time.

Projects Completed on Time

We make sure to deliver every project on time to keep the trust of our customers and provide them the best experience. Our siding installation near me in Northbrook is the most reliable service you can count on.

Years of Experience

Buzz Home Pros Siding Contractors is among the best siding companies in Northbrook, providing excellent services in the community for years. We have expert siding contractors in Northbrook who can provide your needs.

Highest Standard of Service

We care about what you thought about our service. Our siding contractors near me in Northbrook are passionate about what they do and they ensure that every customer is satisfied with the results.


Vinyl siding is one of the most common choices for exterior sidings in Northbrook. It is durable, beautiful, and perfect for homeowners who want to enhance their curb appeal and minimize maintenance requirements. Vinyl siding is one of the top home improvement projects that give a high return on investment because of its tons of great benefits.

Aside from its beautiful look, this siding has a lower environmental impact throughout its lifecycle compared to other siding materials. Our siding contractors in Northbrook can install this siding in quickly because it is lightweight. Vinyl siding installation resists mold and mildew because it allows moisture to escape. Vinyl sidings have a vast selection of styles, colors, accessories, and trims, so you have a variety of options to personalize your home.

Siding companies recommend vinyl siding because it is durable and reliable. It can withstand harsh weather conditions like heat, cold, wind, and moisture, so you don’t have to worry about warping, rotting, or insect damage. Buzz Siding Contractors in Northbrook are experts in vinyl siding installation. Get in touch with us today, and let’s discuss your siding installation or replacement.

What To Consider Before Siding Replacement Northbrook, IL

Here is what you need to know about purchasing new siding for your home from your neighborhood siding company in Northbrook, Buzz Siding Contractors.

First, determine whether you need new siding installation with a thorough inspection, noting any warped or damaged areas.

Next, choose your color. Take a look at which colors are prominent in your area and if necessary, consult with your homeowner’s association about restrictions. Try to match or complement your doors and window frames with whatever color you select.

Finally, consider the material of your siding, whether it’s vinyl siding, Hardie Board siding, or something else, like wood. The siding you choose will determine the level of maintenance needed to keep it up, like painting every couple of years, which will allow you to change the color.

The material of your siding is a major decision. If you go with a material that is not common in your area, you may be lowering the value of your home. Your local climate may play a role in your decision, and if you want little maintenance, you may choose James Hardie siding or vinyl siding over wood. Of course, you should also consider your budget.


At BUZZ Siding Contractors, we choose practicality over style. To do this, we have established a structured hiring process to help us find the most qualified siding contractors nearby. This allows us to stay true to our company standards and provide genuine siding services in Northbrook ranging from siding replacement to James Hardie siding installation. Our siding experts are not only proficient but also honest workers. They will help you get through every question you have and provide wonderful options that you can choose from. For a trusted siding company in Northbrook, trust only BUZZ Siding Contractors!

Learn More
Learn more information about our services. Browse our website to know more about our siding installation, vinyl siding installation, and Hardie siding installation services in Northbrook. Reach out to our siding contractor to ask about your qualification for financing. Get in touch with us at BUZZ Siding Contractors for prompt assistance.

FAQ – Siding Installation & Siding Replacement Northbrook, IL

How can I maintain the good condition of my vinyl siding in Northbrook?

Washing your vinyl siding will effectively remove all dirt, mildew, mold, and other substances on the surface. For more information, contact us at Buzz Siding Contractors in Schaumburg.

How durable is vinyl siding in Northbrook?

Our vinyl sidings in Northbrook are moisture, heat, and cold resistant. They can withstand winds of 110mph strong and have a 20-40 warranty.

ArIse insulated siding installation in Northbrook cost-efficient?

Professionally done insulated siding installation near me in Northbrook can put an additional R2 to R4 to your home and prevent all potential damages on your walls caused by drafts.

Is siding in Northbrook easily damaged?

Back in the days, sidings were much frailer, making them susceptible to cracking, sagging, buckling, and fading. Today, sidings in Northbrook are much more durable for long term use.

What is the best siding for my property in Northbrook?

It depends on factors such as property structure, area restrictions, budget, and desired results. For professional consultation, reach our siding experts at Buzz Siding Contractors.

Are preparations required before a siding installation in Northbrook?

Our siding company in Northbrook will take care of everything for you. Simply let us know the best day and time to begin the work.

How To Choose The Best Siding Company Northbrook, IL

Do They Have Insurance?

A professional siding company in Northbrook should have insurance. This will ensure that you are protected in case of damage to your home during siding installation. As one of the most trusted siding companies, Buzz Siding Contractors is fully insured and licensed.

How Long Have They Been in Siding Business?

This will give you an idea if the siding company in Northbrook is stable in the business. It will provide you with peace of mind on what you can expect.

Do They Have or Provide Referrals?

One of the best ways to check the quality of their work and services is to ask for references. A confident company will provide references from customers from the previous months to let you ask them by yourself about their personal experiences working with the siding contractors in Northbrook.

What Type of Siding Are They Experienced With?

Some can work with vinyl siding but don’t have experience with James Hardie installation. Check their specialties and ensure their capabilities.

What To Know Before New Siding Installation Northbrook, IL

Efficiency: Sidings are a key house component that helps maintain ideal temperature indoors. Having functional and well maintained sidings will help cut down the high costs on artificial heating and cooling. Contact our siding contractors in Northbrook for our professional services.

Maintenance: Nowadays so many options are available for a siding you can install in Northbrook. Materials differ and so does the time before every necessary maintenance. Wood being the traditional material used usually needs regular maintenance to keep it in tip-top condition. Choose our siding company in Northbrook to guide you with your best options.

Aesthetics: Apart from functionality being the main reason why sidings are installed, consider the fact that they hold a very prominent aesthetic value to your home. Fortunately, there are tons of customizable items available out there for you to choose from. Contact BUZZ Siding Contractors in Northbrook regarding your siding concerns.

Resale Value: During a house resale, a house must have that visual quality to help attract buyers and gain their trust. Sidings play a huge part in that. Oftentimes buyers lose interest in houses that need a siding rework in Northbrook. Make sure to reinstall new sidings to boost your property’s resale value.

Siding Installation Northbrook, IL – Choose the Color According to the Climate

Are you stuck in choosing the right color for your siding in Northbrook? It all depends on the climate that you have in your area. Selecting the right siding color can be a natural way to help keep your home cooler and more comfortable. For example, when you have a dark roof paired with a darker siding color, your home will be absorbing 70 to 90% of the radiant energy from the sun. This is the reason why houses have lighter exterior walls while the roof is still dark.

The best way to maintain interior temperature is by preventing the heat from entering in the first place. Southern homes usually have lighter siding colors due to the heat and sun, while Northern homes stick to more neutral colors. When you have a bright yellow house, it might be a bit too much for your eyes during the snowy season. Our siding company in Northbrook is here to help you choose a great color for all seasons!

What’s the Best Time for a Siding Replacement Northbrook, IL?

Your siding is like insulation that protects or shields your home from the elements. While we all know that your siding is essential in your home’s stability and your family’s health, it is how siding is installed that makes the biggest difference. No matter how expensive your siding material is, once it gets damaged or reaches its lifespan, you’ll have to have it replaced. If you plan to have siding replacement in Northbrook, you may be wondering when is the best time to have it installed.

Spring and autumn is the best time to have the siding replaced. Because the weather is not too cold or hot. There are different siding materials to choose like vinyl siding or James Hardie siding. However, during spring and autumn, the prices of these materials may be pricier and more high-maintenance than others. Siding contractors are also busy during these times. So you might want to consider having siding installed during the summer season. Call Buzz Siding Contractors for a top-quality siding replacement today!

Hardie Board Siding Northbrook, IL – Advantages

Appearance: The Hardie siding competes with materials such as Masonite or vinyl. So, while it is more durable, it also has a more premium appearance. The thick planks allow for a more realistic wood facsimile. The grooves and grains designed in the planks are deeper than those found in vinyl, giving the boards a more lifelike texture.

ColorPlus: The benefit of James Hardie ColorPlus Technology is that it improves the look. This baked-on paint hue was designed to prevent fading from the sun’s UV radiation. It also has numerous coats sprayed in a factory environment for consistency and endurance of the paint, which is just right for Northbrook and its residents.

Options: In addition to its appealing appearance, Hardie Board provides homeowners with a wide choice of options and versatility. James Hardie fiber cement provides hundreds of color and style options to pick from.

Warranty: James Hardie board siding in Northbrook offers industry-leading warranties to back up its exceptional fiber cement siding. The siding is backed by a 30-year, non-prorated limited warranty.


Siding Installation Northbrook, IL – How To Prepare?

Select the Right Siding Contractor for the Job: Buzz Siding Contractors have earned a solid reputation for trusted and professional siding installation, and siding replacement in Northbrook. As licensed siding contractors, we have the knowledge and skills to protect your home, increase your energy efficiency, the value of your home and its curb appeal. We use top-quality products installed with modern siding installation techniques.

Research: Before deciding on what siding is best for your home, contact Buzz Siding Contractors Northbrook for expert and experienced help. There are many choices, colors, and styles of siding on the market. Vinyl siding or James Hardie siding are good choices, and a professional siding contractor can advise on what’s best for your Northbrook home.

Prepare the Work Area: It is helpful for your Northbrook siding contractor to prepare in advance for their arrival. Trim trees near the house, move furniture, hoses, and garden pots. Turn off exterior electrical lights.


When siding deteriorates, it’s a problem for the whole home as it cannot protect effectively. Minor damage may be repaired at the hands of professional siding contractors in Northbrook. However, when rot spreads through the exterior part of your siding, it’s time for siding replacement. When you do, ask your siding company in Northbrook for siding that is rot-resistant. While cracks and holes are aesthetically displeasing, what’s more important is that your structural integrity is at risk and if not properly maintained, damage can spread. So consider a low-maintenance vinyl siding installation near me in Northbrook. If you don’t see any obvious siding damage, speak with a trusted siding company in Northbrook like Buzz Siding Contractors about a thorough inspection. New siding installation with the proper insulation can help fight drafts around your windows and throughout your home.

Review Our Company – Buzz Siding Contractors Northbrook, IL

When looking for a siding company in Northbrook, Buzz Siding Contractors is your best choice. Our professional siding contractors are well skilled in providing siding installation and siding replacement that you may need for your home. We only use the highest quality of materials so that your siding can withstand any weather conditions that your home may face. We work with top-notch craftsmanship so that we can go beyond our customer’s expectations. Our siding contractors will provide you with a siding that your home deserves. The top ratings that we received throughout the years are because of these reasons. Rest assured that our customers always come first in every project that we accept. We strive to provide customer satisfaction so that every service is worth your penny. Check out our siding company’s ratings that customers have provided throughout the years!


Upon landing on a reliable siding company Northbrook that has provided you a comprehensive estimate for your siding project, begin preparing for the siding installation. You have to know the process as it will ensure that the project will be completed on time and have realistic expectations.

Removal Of Old Siding: Our siding contractors at Buzz Siding Contractors near me in Northbrook will begin the project by removing your home’s old siding. They will check the wall underneath and look for any indication of water damage, rot, or mold growth.

Wall Preparations: The wall underneath the siding affects the appearance and stability of the siding. Our experts will assess your wall first before the siding installation to ensure the best results.

Installation Of Insulation: After removing the old siding, our experts will check your home for adequate insulation.

New Siding: To complete the installation process, new siding will be placed. If it requires paint, expect the project to extend for a few days.
Call us if you need experts to install your new siding!